October 8th Thursday



4 to 6:30P – Zoom meeting scheduled appointments

6:30 to 7:30P – Open Zoom meeting for all parents that d0 not have a scheduled conference


Parent Teacher Conference Zoom Links


6th Grade

Core 601

Teachers: Wolla, Martin, Snow, Hadd, Cerny

Join Zoom Meeting Link:



Meeting ID: 915 5879 0179

Passcode: 949766


Core 602

Teachers: Marks, Oliver, Higbee, Fielding

Join Zoom Meeting Link:



Meeting ID: 710 578 7265

Passcode: Raptors


7th Grade

Join Zoom Meeting Link:



Meeting ID: 935 2747 5650

Passcode: EMSPTC


8th Grade

Join Zoom Meeting Link:



Meeting ID: 951 7136 1157

Passcode: 8th Grade